Let's Meet BTS Auntie...!

I got into emotional while watching this.....T-T
I miss their old days
Do you?

[FANACC] Lucky ARMY Met Tannie and Tae's Mother

While i was walking my dog at the park near my house i ran into yeontan accidentally. Taehyoung's mom was walking yeontan. I asked if he was yeontan. Taehyoung's mom smiled.
~She was very nice and beautiful~~

You met legend..............................................!!!!!!!

[190629] 💜 Not Only Their Faces but also Personalities 💜

Yeap.. I don't know who tweet that Tae-Tae Appa.
Can you guess? who's the member?

Not only their face... but their personality looks similar..

Hilarious relationship between son and dad...

[190627] Jimin's Shoes and Friend

[190627] ⓒmongmongday

OP said that Jimin last night came to the store where she was working at and bought shoes.
He came with some friend, probably his Manager Hyung. 
He spent time about 20 minutes. 

He bought black clasic top high shoes size 265. 
And his friend bought different shoes. 

The store manager asked his autograph and Jimin even asked his name too
The way he talks so soft and polite. 

[190616] JK Revealed His Secret While Drank...So Touch and Sweet..

I love to eat.....
I love to eat but..I regret a lot.
Because when I see myself on the screen...
I want me to look sharp and a bit skinny.
Like a cool guy. I like that.
But I...As I eat a lot, As I eat well,
After a photo shoot, when I see my photos,
I look chubby.
So, I regret everyday.
"I shouldn't have eaten it".
"Oh, yesterday..."
I always regret.
So, I try not to eat dinner lately.
But...When I drink, I can't control myself.
Once I drink, I get drunk. And then I lose my mind.
I eat without thinking.
If I was not doing V Live, I would call room service and order
"I'll have this and that.. Oh, wait".
"Can you make it like this"?
"And lastly, this one. Wait".
"This one, too".
And then I'll enjoy the food.
I can't control myself  when I drink.
And the best combination with alcohol is...
With somaek, pork is the answer.
It's the best combination.
Really, pork.
Pork belly is the best.
I mean it.
I really...I can tell you this.
My favorite food is pork.
I mean, not just pork.
Samgyeopsal or ogyeopsal (pork belly).
I think it is the best food in the world.
Really, I can eat it everyday for a week.
I did once.

These days, delivery service or restaurants have evolved a lot.
I don't even have to make a call.
With my smartphone, with a little bit of typing,
I can get pork belly right in front of me.
It's like a magic.
It's a miracle.
I ate it everyday.
Once a day.
Also, they sell various types of pork belly.
They sell seasoned pork belly.
They also sell original pork belly.
And pork belly with garlic.
So many kinds.
And look.
They even serve lettuce with pork belly.
It means, you can also eat vegetables.
Protein and a little bit of fat.
And vegetables and carbohydrate.

If you order pork belly, they can give you all that.
How beautiful it is? Really.
You need to give them a compliment.
Who else will grill pork belly and deliver it to you?
It's perfect.
And such delivery service..
Which country has the best delivery service?
It's Korea.
We're the king of the delivery service.
You can order anything 24/7.
There's nothing you can't order.
Korea is perfect.
I'm so proud that I was born in Korea.
I'm really proud.
Such amazing...
Let's have a toast.
We should.

But I can't do this for long.
I'm telling you now but
promise me you won't tell anyone.
When I do V Live...V Live...
There are people who are waiting
for me to finish this. That's our staff.
While we're doing V Live,
they can't go to bed.
It's time to go to bed now, right?
Around 11 or 12...

But if I'm doing V Live,
they can't sleep.
I don't need to sleep.
It doesn't matter for me but...
As they worked all they
and are really tired.
If I don't have to think about it,
I could have done this for 24 hours.
Plus one more hour.
Anyways, people..We should try to respect and understand each other.
We need to be considerate of others.
Only then we can understand each other and get close to each other and become one.

(He also care abot younger fans)

Shall we say cheers?

If you're overage, if you're an adult, all the fans who are overage,
please get a beer and say cheers with me.
Our younger fans can... What can you guys drink?
Some grape juice.
Grape juice and orange juice.
Hurry and get some juice.
Grape juice and orange juice.
I'll wait until you're back.
I'll give you 1 minute.
I'm going to set the timer.
All right.